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The capital market in Argentina: warming up the engine

Junio 2016
The local capital market is relatively small and unsophisticated. This is a legacy of a long history of monetary instability, macroeconomic crises and massive breach of contracts, which undermined the confidence in the local currency and economic institutions. As a direct consequence, most Argentines save abroad the...

The outlook for the real estate sector after the elections

Octubre 2015
The elections are now around the corner and the opinion polls indicate that the situation has not changed substantially relative to the results of the primaries (the Paso).  Scioli appears to be stable in the upper 30s, which means that he is very close to obtain the 40% of the votes needed to have a chance to ...

A brief history of Argentina's devaluations and their effects on inflation and growth

Septiembre 2015
Throughout history, Argentina experienced several episodes of devaluation, understood as events where the exchange rate showed a significant discrete jump. Since the fifties, there were ten episodes of devaluation. This means that there was a devaluation, on average, every six years.