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Kick off in Brazil and in the Supreme Court: Vamos Argentina!

Junio 2014
Recent economic developments: recession, exchange rate and debt The short term outlook is generating more questions than answers, as the economic performance is dominated by high inflation, a recession which is relative deep in many sectors, pressures on international reserves that are now temporarily rising t...

The recent changes in economic policies: whatever it takes to survive

Abril 2014
Will the Government do whatever it takes to increase reserves, avoid an external crisis and reach the end of its mandate in one piece? Based on the recent evidence, the answer is unambiguously yes. It is now resorting to policies that were demonized during the last ten years, such as large increases in interest rate...

The exchange rate dilemma: torn between inflation and reserves

Febrero 2014
Two issues have dominated recent economic developments: inflation which in recent months has been rising exceeding 5% in January, and the drop in international reserves, that fell more than 13 billion dollars in 2013 to reach 30.5 billion dollars, and fell again in January around 2.5 billion dollars. The excha...

Argentina’s Economy: an unpleasant journey to 2015

Enero 2014
In many ways 2013 will be remembered as the year that the government would like to forget. Cristina suffered a major loss in the mid-term elections, which put an end to any remaining hope to run in the 2015 Presidential elections. Two weather related events uncovered the depth of the energy crisis and of the underin...

Santa Claus does not bring good news: inflation going up and reserves coming down

Diciembre 2013
In the last few days the country was shocked by a series of police rebellions and mutinies in various provinces that were requesting improvements in their salaries and working conditions. The problems started late last week in Cordoba, and the lack of security in the streets led to looting in supermarkets and applia...

The agricultural sector: from high growth to stagnation

Noviembre 2013
The agricultural and livestock sector generates around 50% of total exports and is one of the most dynamic and competitive sectors of the economy. The sector experienced a significant jump in productivity and output in the last decades. However, in recent years it has remained relatively stagnated, as several ...