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The cursed trilogy: Inflation, exchange rate & interest rate

Abril 2017
The government in recent weeks partly recovered politically from the big difficulties it suffered in February, when Macri’s positive image dropped 10 percentage points and the government looked disoriented and made numerous mistakes. Throughout the last month and a half the government appeared to be on the defensiv...

The economy with an eye on the midterm elections

Marzo 2017
Politics got rough in February for the government, and Macri’s positive image dropped roughly 10 percentage points. This outcome was the result of several “unforced errors” that included an ill-conceived agreement with Macri’s family regarding the nationalization of the Post-Office, the unfortunate announcement of a...

What you need to know about the fiscal accounts…And more

Febrero 2017
There have been several good pieces of news in the economic front. Inflation has remained subdued, the Government already raised most of the funds that it needs in the international financial markets, while the number of green shoots is rising and the prospects for growth are improving. Last, but not least, the inte...

What the mid-term elections, Trump, Brazil and China have in store for Argentina

Enero 2017
December was a difficult month for the Macri administration on the political front due to a number of setbacks that it suffered in Congress. At this stage, the overall climate has improved as the summer recess is giving the government some breathing room to regroup and to eventually regain the upper hand that it enj...