Informes Mensuales

An assessment of fiscal and financial constraints in provinces

Febrero 2012
It seems clear that the fiscal situation of the provinces has become tighter in recent years, an issue that has raised questions about the ability to service their debt. This report argues that most provinces are only running small deficits following an election year, and while the fiscal situation is tighter th...

Desperately seeking dollars: is the government overreacting?

Enero 2012
The draconian foreign exchange restrictions that the government has been implementing in recent months are raising questions about their motivation, their possible economic implications and the likelihood that they could be intensified in the near future (à la Venezuela). The imposition of the controls indicates...

New cabinet, old economic recipes, but far from a rose garden

Diciembre 2011
Lorenzino, the new Economic Minister, will be the visible figure of the government and his main role is likely to be in the international side, dealing with the G-20 issues and leading the negotiations with the IMF, the Paris Club and the multilateral Banks. His choice indicates that Cristina wants some continui...

Are you concerned about Argentina? Three scenarios for the near future

Mayo 2011
The economy on the road to october and afterwards As it has recently become more likely that Cristina will run and that she could be the winner in the October Presidential elections, more and more questions arise about the prospects for economic developments on the road to October and especially about what might...