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Recalculating: new policies, new economic outcomes

Julio 2018
In Argentina the dollar is king, as some key indicators such as consumer confidence, the government’s positive image and financial stability dance at its tune. There are few countries where consumers, investors and politicians follow so closely the evolution of the exchange rate and where devaluations can topple gov...

Waiting for the IMF

Mayo 2018
The strategy of a gradual reduction of the fiscal deficit that the government implemented since the outset had always had one weakness: it depended on external financing.  Confidence was of the essence. Unfortunately, the increase in US interest rates, the strengthening of the US dollar combined with some domes...

The pros and cons of changing the inflation targets

Enero 2018
December was a hectic month for Macri’s administration, with relevant news in the economic, social and political fronts. On the one hand, the Government succeeded in passing the 2018 Budget, the tax reform and the Pension Reform in the Lower House. Although it was finally approved, the Pension Reform has drawn criti...

A quick look at Macri´s first two years and what comes next

Octubre 2017
September brought good news regarding economic recovery: the INDEC published the GDP figures for Q2 of 2017, which reflected the steady progress of economic activity again (0.7% q/q s.a. and 2.7% y/y). Unlike the demand’s behavior over the last few years of growth, this time investment led the recovery. However, wa...