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Argentina: Recent Developments and the Fiscal Outlook

Abril 2004
The government is starting to face the end of the honeymoon period. The energy crisis, the increasing problems with personal security, and the need to sanction a new tax coparticipation law are complicating the policy making process in the government. So far, the government hoped that time would solve many of th...

A look at the Banking System: Current Situation and Perspectives

Febrero 2004
In the second half of 2003 there was an important improvement in the banking system. It managed to restore liquidity, it showed signs of a return to profitability and there was a the persistent fall in loans to the private sector came to an end.  Looking forward, it seems that the banking sector could gen...

The prospects for 2004 and a review of recent economic performance

Enero 2004
Our base case scenario indicates growth around 7.2 percent in 2004, investment reaching 15 percent of GDP, consumption growing at 7.4 percent, a large increase in imports (close to 30%) and a current account balance surplus of 4.9 billion dollars. Inflation is likely to reach 8 percent, and will stay within the infl...