Informes Mensuales

Growth is Beautiful. Can Energy and Inflation Spoil the Party?

Septiembre 2006
Can anything go wrong? The performance of the Argentine economy continues to surprise everybody as the growth numbers consistently outperform expectations. The most recent indicator of economic activity, corresponding to July 2006, shows that the economy is growing at 9.3% per annum, and that it increased ...

The burden of the Debt is Falling despite Worse Fiscal Accounts

Agosto 2006
What"s new? Not very much. The Argentine economy continues to generate positive data. Recorded inflation in July was only 0.6%, at least three tenths of one percent lower than market expectations and now accumulates 10.6% over the last year. This reduction in inflation is taking place although nominal wages are ...

When Beef meets Macro

Marzo 2006
The economic outlook remains positive, as growth continues and consumer confidence remains high. We continue to expect a slow deceleration of the economy, but very gradual and with a forecast of 7% increase in GDP for this year. The mixed indicators of economic activity in January do not indicate a change in tr...

Argentina: Highlights of 2005 and the Outlook for 2006

Enero 2006
In many ways Argentina had a great economic performance in 2005. It restructured the public debt, the economy grew one more time at around 9% per year achieving one of the highest rates of growth in the region, investment increased by 20%, exports reached a historical high level growing by 15% mainly thanks to ...

Perspectives on the Monetary Program and the External Sector

Diciembre 2005
Strong economic indicators still but questions about the future. The recent changes in the Ministry of the Economy take place at a time when the economy is showing a strong growth performance and very robust macroeconomic fundamentals (such as the large budget and current account surpluses). Growth this year i...