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The fiscal outlook: what and why can change in 2009?

Septiembre 2008
What"s new and important. The economy continues to be affected by the aftermath effects of the farm crisis. There was a rebound in economic activity in July, as demand recovered boosted by the overall improvement of economic and financial conditions and supply increased since the road blockages were lifted, but ...

Commodity Prices keep growth going and reduce vulnerability

Enero 2008
High commodities prices mitigate the effects of the International Financial Turbulence. The recent turbulence in the international financial markets has had a relatively small effect so far on the Argentine economy, as the spreads on Argentine bonds and the exchange rate have remained relatively stable, while s...

What does Cristina’s victory mean for the economy and for policies?

Noviembre 2007
Cristina won, as most political analysts had predicted, and she got a strong mandate as she obtained 45% of the popular vote. She has now a commanding majority in the Senate and in the House of Representatives, while a majority of the provincial Governors respond to the Government. Despite this strong electora...