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Are you concerned about Argentina? Three scenarios for the near future

Mayo 2011
The economy on the road to october and afterwards As it has recently become more likely that Cristina will run and that she could be the winner in the October Presidential elections, more and more questions arise about the prospects for economic developments on the road to October and especially about what might...

Economic policy outlook for 2011: better business climate but no efforts to reduce inflation

Diciembre 2010
From Penguinomics to Cristinomics: what can change? Economic policies while Nestor Kirchner was alive followed some logic, especially on the fiscal and external fronts, and after many years they had started to be to some extent predictable. Nestor paid attention to the evolution of Government revenues and of in...

Cristina without Nestor: more questions than answers

Diciembre 2010
Can Cristina win the next Presidential election? Nestor’s death has drastically changed the political scenario and has raised many questions about the way in which Cristina is likely to manage the economy. On the political side, what stands out is that the opposition is now confused and has lost the initiative. Mo...

The economic challenges in the new political environment

Noviembre 2010
The sudden death of Nestor Kirchner could be seen as black swan (a low probability event with large effects) creates a new scenario for next year presidential elections and opens difficult questions about whether and how Cristina’s government will tackle the main economic issues during the next twelve months. Th...