Informes Mensuales

Santa Claus does not bring good news: inflation going up and reserves coming down

Diciembre 2013
In the last few days the country was shocked by a series of police rebellions and mutinies in various provinces that were requesting improvements in their salaries and working conditions. The problems started late last week in Cordoba, and the lack of security in the streets led to looting in supermarkets and applia...

The agricultural sector: from high growth to stagnation

Noviembre 2013
The agricultural and livestock sector generates around 50% of total exports and is one of the most dynamic and competitive sectors of the economy. The sector experienced a significant jump in productivity and output in the last decades. However, in recent years it has remained relatively stagnated, as several ...

Reserves on a slippery road: are they enough to pay Boden 15?

Septiembre 2013
It’s been a month since the government lost the primaries and all the evidence indicates that the FPV will obtain similar or worse results in the October general elections. In fact, Massa is likely to widen its margin over the official candidate Insaurralde to around ten percentage points. Cristina is already a ...

The economy: one eye on reserves and the other on the opinion polls

Julio 2013
After months of suspense Sergio Massa, the major of Tigre, finally decided to run for Congressman in the Province of Buenos Aires. He is a Peronist, he worked for Cristina as chief of cabinet in 2008 and 2009, he appeared in wikileaks characterizing Nestor Kirchner as stubborn and even called him a monster, and is l...

Economic policies before and after the elections: What can we expect?

Junio 2013
The Government is facing a difficult political situation on the way to the October mid-term elections, as the recent polls indicate that its positive image continues to fall while the economy is unlikely to help to improve its political standing. Growth is still very low, inflation does not show any signs of recedin...

Argentina’s new macroeconomic outlook: too many clouds in the horizon

Mayo 2013
In the last few weeks the political and economic climate has been heating up on the way to the October mid-term elections, and the government is facing the most difficult political juncture since 2009. The political situation has been dominated by three events. First, there was a large flood in the city of La Pl...