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The politics take center stage: What’s in a Vice President?

Julio 2015
The big news was the announcement of the vice-presidential candidates in both tickets. While everybody knew that Cristina was going to appoint the one in Scioli’s ticket, and that the chosen would be someone who is ideologically close to her, everybody was surprised when it became known it was Carlos Zannini. He has...

Time to look at the opinions polls with an eye on the medium term outlook

Mayo 2015
The election season is now under full swing. Macri scored victories in the city de of Buenos Aires and in Mendoza, while Scioli is consolidating its leading position within the official Peronist party (FPV) that won in Rio Negro and in Salta. At the moment, it looks that the election is heading towards a two man rac...

Market optimism in spite of the challenges for the transition

Febrero 2015
As the Kirchner administration enters into its final year, the economic team appears to have made several strategic decisions that will have key effects on economic developments.  These decisions should be seen as part of a broad political agenda in which the Government’s main objective is to preserve its imag...

Sweat and tears on the way to 2016… and what happens next?

Noviembre 2014
In the last months, there were marked cycles in the evolution of the blue exchange rate, in which it first entered in “panic mode” generating headlines of a runaway depreciation that in the end did not happen, as was the case in mid-October when the currency started an appreciating trend. This pattern has been the r...