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Latam 8 November 16

30 Noviembre 2016
After a tough year of stagflation the government maintains a positive image. The UTDT index of confidence in the goverment is at 53%, still a reasonable figure though lower than the 63% record-high it enjoyed early this year.  The government has been successful in passing laws in Congress, we no expect approval...

Latam 8 September 16

30 Septiembre 2016
Yellow card for Macri’s administration: in August, the Supreme Court ordered to suspend the increases in gas rates for residential users and reestablish the old rates. A public audience took place during the last days and tariffs are expected to increase again, but more moderately. Moreover, the recent Economic Foru...

Latam 7 July 16

31 Julio 2016
Dilma Rousseff was finally stripped of her presidential duties for up to six months after the Senate voted to begin an impeachment trial. Thus, Michel Temer took over as interim Brazil president. He promised balancing the budget and getting inflation back under 10% as his priority. Henrique Meirelles, the Central Ba...