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Rates Go Up and Down on a Flimsy...

The government's main concern is clearly the value of the market dollar; the informal, the MEP and BCS.

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Similarities and differences between 2015...

If we could go back in time and try to find a year that looks like 2023 the answer is pretty obvious: 2015.  It was the last year of the Kirchner administration, which was struggling to get to the presidential elections in one piece.  It was...

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Midweek 26 de Enero de 2023

La inflación de enero será más alta que la de diciembre. Los números que estamos viendo en enero nos indican altas probabilidades de aumento de la inflación. Probablemente empiece con 5, pero puede estar más cerca de 6.

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Debt Repurchase With an FX Goal

The government announced last week that it would buy back USD 1 billion of dollar-denominated sovereign debt, potentially reducing the stock by about 3 billion given prevailing market prices.