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From Gloom to Doom

The measures announced this week, aimed at containing the impacts of Covid’s second wave, come at a bad time, beyond the controversy with education or institutional issues regarding Buenos Aires autonomy.

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The efforts to avoid adjustment might work until the...

The current economic situation raises two important questions. Firstly, can the government continue to muddle through until the October elections as it did in recent months?

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Argentina´s Economic Outlook 2Q 2017

The primaries will take place on August 13th, and the big news is that Cristina Kirchner will run for senator in the province of Buenos Aires.

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The new policy framework and what can we expect

The new administration is moving very quickly to establish a new policy regime that addresses the main obstacles that have been affecting investing and growth.

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Latam 8 April 7

In 2020 the GDP fell 9.9% recording one of the highest contractions in history. Both private consumption and investment plummeted 13.1% and 13% respectively.

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El PBI global cayó alrededor de 3.5% en 2020, con las economías emergentes contrayéndose un 2.4%. Para el 2021 el mundo recupera 5.5% con las economías avanzadas mejorando 4.3% y las emergentes 6.3%.