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Rates Go Up and Down on a Flimsy Architecture

The government's main concern is clearly the value of the market dollar; the informal, the MEP and BCS.

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Similarities and differences between 2015 and 2023

If we could go back in time and try to find a year that looks like 2023 the answer is pretty obvious: 2015.  It was the last year of the Kirchner administration, which was struggling to get to the presidential elections in one piece.  It was...

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Argentina´s Economic Outlook 2Q 2017

The primaries will take place on August 13th, and the big news is that Cristina Kirchner will run for senator in the province of Buenos Aires.

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The new policy framework and what can we expect

The new administration is moving very quickly to establish a new policy regime that addresses the main obstacles that have been affecting investing and growth.

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LATAM 8 December 26

GDP grew 1.7% in the third quarter s.a. related to Q2 and 5.9% year-on-year. From the demand side, investment showed an increase of 14% (Q3 2022 vs Q3 2021), followed by private consumption with 10.2%.

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BASE SCENARIO December 2022

The Fed slowed the hike of its funds rate to 50 basis points in December, leaving it at 4.25-4.5%, but by 2023 it is expected to be above 5.25% for some time.