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Argentina: El Banco Central mantuvo la tasa de las Lebac a 35...

En la licitación del martes, se adjudicaron AR$ 88,588 millones, lo que implicó la renovación total del vencimiento que sumaba AR$ 83,101 millones, generando una contracción en la base por AR$ 1,799 millones.

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Brazil’s problems strike the micro more than the macroeconomy

Last week, there were two political events originated in the external front that may have an impact on the local macro: Trump is under scrutiny for his link with Russia and Brazil’s President Temer is under the microscope for...

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The economy with an eye on the midterm elections

Politics got rough in February for the government, and Macri’s positive image dropped roughly 10 percentage points.

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Argentina´s Economic Outlook 3Q 2016

The Macri administration keeps on facing three challenges: reignite the economy, bring down inflation and avoid an excessive appreciation of the Peso.

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The new policy framework and what can we expect

The new administration is moving very quickly to establish a new policy regime that addresses the main obstacles that have been affecting investing and growth.