How to milk a Dead Cow

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How to milk a Dead Cow

Mayo 2017

The Macri administration got an unexpected political boost in April and it now seems that its positive image returned to almost 50%, the levels where they were late last year prior to the “unforced” errors that the administration made in February and the social conflicts and the confrontation with the unions that it faced in March.

The focus is now on the mid-term elections, where the Government is likely to have a good performance at the national level, where the target is to increase the 34% national vote that it got in the first round in October 2015 to somewhere between 37% and 40%. A second, perhaps equally or even more important objective for the Government is to win again the province of Buenos Aires, where the stakes are high and the outlook less clear. In this case it relies on two factors: first, the very high positive image of Maria Eugenia Vidal that should help the official candidates and second, the division of the opposition.