Argentine Farmland: the Promised Land

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Argentine Farmland: the Promised Land

Octubre 2016

Finally, the government is getting better news in the economic front as all pieces are starting to fall into place; September appears to have been the turning point. Inflation has clearly receded from the high rates that prevailed since December of last year and is now more likely to remain in the 1.5% per month range, a level that is still high but lower than the average rates of the last decade.  Paradoxically this is a rate that probably brings comfort to a large part of the population.

The farming sector is a heavy-weight in terms of economic importance for the country.  Agriculture, Livestock, Hunting and Forestry explain an 8.3% slice of the economy but also indirectly spill over to related activities like food manufacturing and transport. It is more important on the external side, as it generates 60% of export revenues.  In addition, in the new policy environment it is likely to increase its importance in the economy as the total crop is expected to reach 128 million tons by 2020.