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Politics Complicate an Already Complex Economic Situation

Mayo 2022
The IMF program triggered a conflict within the government coalition between the populist and more “orthodox” sectors. The key differences are the importance that each of then attach to the targets set in the IMF program. Targets require tighter monetary and fiscal policy, and the difference in the approach to deal ...

An IMF program that nobody likes but everybody needs

Marzo 2022
The IMF program was finally approved by Congress, though at a heavy cost for the government because Cristina and the Campora opposed it.  Fernández had to rely on the opposition for the approval in Congress and had a setback regarding the law because the opposition was only willing to vote for the new IMF finan...

Difficult political and economic scenarios condition the IMF agreement

Octubre 2021
The defeat in the primaries marked a before and after for the government coalition. There were important changes in the cabinet and the tensions within the government became apparent. There are different visions about what to do in the economic front. On one side we have the more radical wing (led by Cristina Kirchn...

The elections, the economy, and the inevitability of the adjustment

Septiembre 2021
The results of the primary elections (PASO) were surprising. Mainly because the government lost by ten percentage points at the national level and in the crucial province of Buenos Aires by almost five percentage points.  If the results end up being similar in the actual mid-term elections on November 14th, it ...