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Intervention does not mean Cancelation of an Inflation Target...

One of the main constituents of inflation targeting is the free floating of the exchange rate. The general rule is that the Central Bank does not intervene in supply or demand of dollars by the private sector and lets the FX price to be set in...

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What to expect after the December shockwaves

The year began as the previous one had finished, with a shaken exchange market and growing uncertainty as to whether inflation will be able to moderate at the desired pace.

The exchange rate continued to depreciate in January (4.7%) and so...

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Argentina´s Economic Outlook 2Q 2017

The primaries will take place on August 13th, and the big news is that Cristina Kirchner will run for senator in the province of Buenos Aires.

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The new policy framework and what can we expect

The new administration is moving very quickly to establish a new policy regime that addresses the main obstacles that have been affecting investing and growth.

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Latam 8 January 18

The year ended with bells and whistles, as the Congress had a heated debate due to the pension and tax reforms, while the government in a controversial move changed the inflation targets. The Government succeeded in passing the 2018 Budget, the...

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Nuestras premisas

Escenario internacional
- Brasil se recupera lenta pero sostenidamente.
- Los precios de los commodities se mantienen relativamente estables.