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A good week, except for the World Cup

Last week was a good one for our country, if we refrain from soccer, that is. Formal approval of the agreement with the IMF, inclusion of the Argentine ADRs to the emerging markets’ indexes, successful auctions of Treasury bonds and Lebacs, and...

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The IMF is here: what does it imply for the economy

The announcement a month ago that Argentina was resorting to the IMF was not enough to calm the markets.  The final announcement that the IMF package would exceed USD 50 billion, an amount that was 11 times the quota and that far exceeded even...

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Argentina´s Economic Outlook 2Q 2017

The primaries will take place on August 13th, and the big news is that Cristina Kirchner will run for senator in the province of Buenos Aires.

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The new policy framework and what can we expect

The new administration is moving very quickly to establish a new policy regime that addresses the main obstacles that have been affecting investing and growth.

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Latam 8 January 18

The year ended with bells and whistles, as the Congress had a heated debate due to the pension and tax reforms, while the government in a controversial move changed the inflation targets. The Government succeeded in passing the 2018 Budget, the...

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