Argentina’s Economy: an unpleasant journey to 2015

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Argentina’s Economy: an unpleasant journey to 2015

Enero 2014

In many ways 2013 will be remembered as the year that the government would like to forget. Cristina suffered a major loss in the mid-term elections, which put an end to any remaining hope to run in the 2015 Presidential elections. Two weather related events uncovered the depth of the energy crisis and of the underinvestment in infrastructure: the floods in March that affected the cities of Buenos Aires and La Plata had devastating effects and resulted in more than sixty deaths, while more recently, in December, a heat wave led to widespread and prolonged blackouts in the major cities that led road blocks and created a bad mood in the population.

The Government also faced an important setback when the Supreme Court declared unconstitutional a judicial reform generally known as the “democratization of Justice” that attempted to erode the influence of the judicial power and to give more clout to the executive branch.