Weekly Reports

The plan of restraining Lebacs for some investors will not be a free lunch

Third week
of November 2017
The National Superintendence of Insurance (SSN) tweaked the limits for the investment policies of insurance companies. Cutting to the chase, insurance companies will not be able to have more Lebacs, directly or indirectly, although they will be able to buy more sovereign and sub-sovereign bonds. In addition, the Sub...

What is at stake between the Nation and the Provinces

Second week
of November 2017
The discussion around the "Fondo del Conurbano" is a new chapter in favor of greater fiscal federalism. This saga was inaugurated by the Supreme Court at the end of 2015, when it ruled in favor of returning to the provinces the 15% of the tax sharing mass that ANSES was receiving. Last week, the governors ...

An election result that marks the beginning of a new era

Fourth week
of October 2017
After an unusual close of campaigns, the population voted for national and provincial legislators. The governing party won by a landslide. Unlike in the primaries, consulting companies specialized in political surveys were right about their forecasts this time. The Cambiemos party not only prevailed in the pro...