Weekly Reports

Intervention does not mean Cancelation of an Inflation Target regime

Second week
of March 2018
One of the main constituents of inflation targeting is the free floating of the exchange rate. The general rule is that the Central Bank does not intervene in supply or demand of dollars by the private sector and lets the FX price to be set in the market without its participation. Nonetheless, the Central Bank...

Industrial exports are growing, but still far from promising

First week
of March 2018
Industrial exports have been showing a better performance than the rest of them for a while now. They grew 9% in volume last year, while other exporting sectors recorded volume drops: 7% in energy, 3% in agricultural manufactures and 5% in primary products. Industrial exports grew 14% in January and will conti...

The automotive sector would contribute to GDP growth by half point

Fifth week
of January 2018
After remaining stagnant in 2017, automotive production would grow around 20% this year, mainly due to Brazil’s economic recovery and the greater dynamism of sales to other countries, as exports would expand around 43%. Automotive exports would increase up to USD 8.3 billion this year, from the USD 5.8 billion...

The challenge of continue lowering the country risk

Fourth week
of January 2018
The cost of external financing decreased substantially over the last few years. In effect, the representative dollar interest rate in Argentina fell around 500 basis points in the last three years, from almost 11% at the beginning of 2015 to the current 6%. Compared to the region, the reduction was of around 400 bas...