Weekly Reports

A Locked Economy

First week
of November 2022
At last, it would seem that the government has found a way around handling the exchange rate for tourists arriving in Argentina. If the entire payment process goes well, visitors will be able to access a market exchange rate, that is, similar to the one they already had, but now within the law and with the convenien...

Under Pressure

Third week
of October 2022
With help from the “soybean dollar” and IMF and IADB disbursements in the last days, net reserves reached 5.5 billion dollars, the highest figure since October 2021. If we freeze the frame, someone might think this government has never been in a looser position. The truth is that the situation is far from being rela...

New Exchange Rates and a Stabilization Plan

Second week
of October 2022
This week the government officialized the “Qatar” and “Coldplay” exchange rates. Two new ARS/USD parities that were advertised in public discourse as the solution to the problem of "external restriction", the heterodox view that Argentina's problem is a lack of dollars. We prefer to say that dollars are lacking at t...

Sergio Massa’s Limits

Fifth week
of September 2022
After the panic that broke out on July 2nd when Minister Guzmán resigned via Twitter, Sergio Massa surprised many by grabbing the helm later that month. Although the market didn’t swallow grandiose announcements such as swaps with Qatar or Wall Street, the new minister promised to maintain the IMF program, reestabli...