Weekly Reports

80s Inflation Returns

First week
of September 2023
Argentina returns to the 80s in terms of inflation. The numbers for August are going to show something close to 12% per month and September is not looking much better. Perhaps there may be some slowdown in October. But we enter a terrain of high nominality. Effective rates that already exceed 200% for fixed terms, L...

Distortions Upon Distortions to Muddle Through

Third week
of July 2023
The government continues negotiating with the IMF, but there is nothing concrete yet. Econviews' thesis is that one way or another there will be an agreement such that at least the IMF disburses the outstanding 4 billion. The debate seems to be about what the government has to do to have access to those funds. Altho...

An Anemic System

Second week
of July 2023
One of main issues with inflation is that it shrinks the financial system. And with it the available credit for firms and families who want to invest, consume, or simply access to working capital. If we add to this an institutional framework that destroys good instruments such as the UVA, and monetary policies based...