Weekly Reports

From Gloom to Doom

Third week
of April 2021
The measures announced this week, aimed at containing the impacts of Covid’s second wave, come at a bad time, beyond the controversy with education or institutional issues regarding Buenos Aires autonomy. The last two treasury bond auctions failed. After a string of good auctions, in the last two the bids were scarc...

Can Argentina End Up In Another Debt Restructuration?

Second week
of March 2021
With Argentine bond yields approaching 20% ​​a year, some begin to wonder if Argentina will have to restructure its debt again, despite the fact that the agreement with bondholders was closed just six months ago. There is no single answer, but common sense says that Argentina is unlikely to be forced to renegotiate ...

Income Tax Populism

Second week
of February 2021
Last week, the government presented a bill to modify the income tax paid by individuals that is a step back from many angles. The central idea is that just over half of the salaried workers who today pay the tax stop doing so. Essentially it would reduce the universe of taxpayers from 2 million to about 750,000 at a...